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Location-based mobile apps should be an essential part of every savvy advertiser's strategy as they seek to use social media to drive more traffic to their store or restaurant. Deal Piranha can be immediately integrated by publishers and media outlets into any existing ad product suite, maximizing existing content with almost zero effort and investment. You can be up "live" in just days, with a cost-effective, location-based, mobile strategy that your sales team can easily present and sell.

Content Review

When traditional publishing meets the say-it-how-you-feel online world, thereís a clash of cultures to be eased.

Online content needs to reflect the values, relevance and accuracy that print institutions have embodied for centuries. P2iís Content Review team currently examines thousands of items a day for retailers and newspapers, editing, proofing and determining relevancy.

Our staff review pricing, language, relevance, brand names, and scores of other specifics, delivering a critical component in the publishing of user-generated content.

Pricing can be by the unit or by the hour, and like all of our services and solutions, we deliver 24/7/52.

To learn more contact, call us at 610-322-2871 or email us at inquiry@p2ionline.com