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Data Extraction and Distribution

Customers utilizing in-house or third-party solutions often rely upon p2ionline.comability to database incoming content to the nth degree, parsing down to the minutest subset. We then deliver that data as unified feeds to business partners across the globe.

Text, graphics, and photography cost fortunes to create, distribute and store. P2i has solutions that will convert that content into electronic data and deliver it in formats, that maximize value. Operating 24/7/52 gives P2i the ability to meet the deadlines and daily/weekly/monthly and seasonal volume fluctuations our customers demand.

Dealing with multiple forms of disparate electronic content and processing them into one constant data flow is just one of our specialties. Extracting relevant data points, merging consistencies and fielding content to produce a data feed, per the client's or third partys specifications, is core to our technology. Whether you require XML, txt or pipe delimited data. Currently over 1,200 publishers in North America and the UK maximize revenue and profits from existing print content utilizing our content management and distribution solutions.